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We specialize in commercial real estate development with a focus in multi-family, health care, lodging, and large-scale multi-use real estate projects. We have operations in both the United States and Canada with the current projects in the western United States. We partner with seasoned developers, experienced and renowned operators, and work closely with our partners to maintain healthy development of the projects through stringent risk control, collaborative and innovative solutions to issues that ultimately serve the best interest of the investors. We are committed to the highest standard of ethics and conducts, and strive for excellence.

Waverly Place Assisted Living


Project Type: Assisted Living (70 beds) and Memory Care (21 beds)

Year Completed: 2018

Location: Albany, OR

Investment Type: Preferred Debt and Equity Partner

Hampton Inn & Suites Hotel

Nichols Landing Commercial Building


Project Type: Hotel (88 Rooms) and Office Building (30,000 Square Feet)

Year Completed: 2016 and 2017

Location: Hood River, OR

Investment Type: Preferred Debt and Preferred Equity

Point Ruston Phase II

Project Type: Multi-building multi-use


1. Century Building: Apartments (95 units) and Condominiums (40 units) with ground floor retail (57,200 Square Feet) including Cinemark Movie Theater (9 screens) and Public Plaza,
2. The Shops: Retail Town Center (22,000 Square Feet),
3. Public Garage (1,132 stalls) with Public Market (30,000 Square Feet),
4. To-Be-Built: Apartments (179 units) and Retail (53,900 Square Feet)
5. To-Be-Built: Condominiums (44 units) and Retail (25,600 Square Feet)


Year Completed (To Date):


Century Building 2017
The Shops 2017
Public Garage 2019
Public Market 2020


Location: Ruston and Tacoma, WA


Investment Type: Preferred Debt

The Hoxton Hotel


Project Type: Hotel (111 Rooms)

Year Completed: 2018

Location: Portland, OR

Investment Type: Preferred Equity

Cannery Station Assisted Living (Rendering)


Project Type: Independent Living (10 beds) , Assisted Living (44 beds) and Memory Care (24 beds) to be built within a 17 acre Planned Unit Development of multi-family, townhomes, office and retail

Year Completed: To Be Built

Location: Florence, OR

Investment Type: Preferred Equity