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Elementality is a Canadian novelty brand design who’s creation was inspired by the Esoteric, Seasonal Elements and Colors whom launched in May 2023.

During Covid, in my boredom, while transforming between religion and spirituality, I decided that I wanted to work from home, I wanted to give gifts that defined a persons characteristic traits and personality.

In my minds eye, I could see exactly what I envisioned and wanted, but no where to be found, so I created these product items for myself and now to sell.

My goal objective as a humanitarian is to inspire and enlighten the collectives.
These product items are personally designed, specifically you, using your birth date, zodiac, astrology, numerology, and esoteric.

For example I am an Aquarius/Dog/Air/56

Zodiac Star Sun Sign : Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac Animal of the year: Dog
Life Path Number: 5
Soul Path Number: 6
Element: Air

The 4 collections as shown above Earth/Air/Fire/Water/include these products:

  • 2 different size Personalized Zodiac/Esoteric Gemstone Horse Shoes big and small
  • 2 different size Zodiac/Esoteric Tea Light Candles big & small
  • Dangling Gemstone & Charms for Car Rear View Mirror
  • 3 types of Gemstone Key Chains
  • Gemstone/Zodiac Wine Glass Charm
  • Gemstones & Charms for Purse Zipper
  • Zodiac Zipper Coat Gemstones and Charms
  • Zodiac Necklace, Zodiac Bracelets
  • Zodiac Pocket Gemstones
  • Zodiac/Esoteric Fridge Magnet
  • Zodiac/Esoteric/Gemstone Cremation/Ashes Glass Vile/Container
  • Zodiac/Esoteric/Gemstone Treasure Chest Gift Box
  • Zodiac/Esoteric/Gemstone Gypsy Witch Manifestation Gift Box