To be the partner of choice for developers and investors who seek to achieve their full potential and be a contributor to equitable prosperity.


We identify the needs of project owners and investors, invest and manage with due diligence, and create value with a focus of risk control and capital preservation.

Welcome To AUM

American United Management (AUM) is an investment management company with operations in the western United States and Canada. We invest in commercial real estate development to enhance the quality of life and economic prosperity of the communities in collaboration with local development communities.

Our investment portfolio focuses on multi-family, health care, lodging, and large-scale multi-use real estate projects. The management team of the company has decades of experience investing in commercial real estate development in the United States.

AUM was founded in 2015 to aggregate resources to innovate within the ever-changing business environment. We invest through equity and debt to create value both for our investors and the local communities with disciplined management, and most importantly, a dedicated and skilled team.



First and foremost, we are committed to the highest ethical standards in compliance with the rule of law and regulations within our industries.


We honor integrity and believe that trust and collaboration help all parties succeed.


We are consistent and disciplined in our investment management with a track of record of driving project completion.


We build our competitiveness with innovative solutions, building in flexibility that anticipates inevitable changes in the environment.


We care about what we deliver and strive for systems excellence through due diligence, persistence, awareness and continuous improvement.

Investment Philosophy

We look for commercial real estate development projects with strong demand generators and cash-flow character that create values in the mid and long terms. We identify the value of a project through a selection process based on due diligence, extensive research, fundamental analysis, and practise disciplined risk management and capital preservation.

Our Expertise

Our team has decades of experience in commercial real estate investment on the west coast of the United States, with a focus in multi-family, health care, lodging, and large-scale multi-use real estate projects. Our investments include both new development and renovation of existing structures with different scale of complexity that demands critical thinking and innovative solutions. Risk control and capital preservation are always the focus in our investment management process.